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Chinese flowers are growing in Dubai

Author:Committee Source:  Updated:2016-10-13 08:10:30 
A Press Conference of Huasheng Qianlong Flowers, Xingqing District, Ningxia, China, was held in Dubai for promoting international economic cooperation. The event saw over 250 People from the Government of Xingqing Ningxia, the Consulate-G
A Press Conference of Huasheng Qianlong Flowers, Xingqing District, Ningxia, China, was held in Dubai for promoting international economic cooperation. The event saw over 250 People from the Government of Xingqing Ningxia, the Consulate-General of China in Dubai, the Economic and Commercial Section of the Consulate-General of China in Dubai, the CCPIT & CCOIC Representative Office in the Gulf Area, Chinese Business Council in the UAE, other business associations in UAE, and local flower businesses joining together for a new chapter of China’s One Belt and One Road (OBOR) strategy. Yinchuan’s first flower exporter to Dubai was established to make new contribution to the cooperation between China and UAE.
Flowers from Beautiful Ningxia Blossom in Dubai
Ningxia is China's only inner landopen economic experimental zone. In recent years, Ningxia has been building the flagship for the China-Arabic cooperation to create pillars for the “Economic Belt and Silk Road” strategy. In this process, a number of outstanding enterprises have continued to join the team, introducing partners and going globally, to make Ningxia a leader in the opening up along the “Belt and Road”. Among them, the New Energy Solutions INC.from Qingdao seizes the opportunity to take advantage of its competitive edges in photovoltaicagriculture and national resourcesplatform, to work together with Xingqing District, Yinchuan, Ningxia to bring flowers from Yinchuan to Dubai.
After years of development, flowers and horticultural planting area has reached more than 2000 hectaresin Yinchuan City, including major categories like fresh flowers, potted flowers, flower beds and greens,etc. A regional and large-scale development layout has formed, producing nearly 80 million fresh flowers every year, with an annual turnover nearly RMB 500 million. Among them, Xingqing District is the main flower producing area of Yinchuan City, who has input a lot into the flower industry, building flower parks, expanding the size and enhancing the quality, thus winning greater brand reputation year by year.
Transnational Marketing Channels Helps Ningxia Flowers Enter the International Market
Government sets up the stage for the enterprises to make performance. In this international conference, the first flower exporter of Yinchuan, Ningxia, to Dubai, announced its establishment, which means that the local flower farmers will take the opportunity to enter the international market. "Ningxia is an important city along the “Economic Belt and Silk Road”, and has its unique geographical, cultural and resources advantages in the China-Arabic cooperation. We value this opportunity and actively communicate with the Ningxia government and finally promote the success of this international conference.”
In recent years, the New Energy Solutions INC. has exerted lots of efforts in the field of photovoltaic agriculture and has been committed to promoting the process of agricultural modernization in China.The flower industry and the import and exportindustry enjoyed rapid development in Ningxia. Flowers from Xingqing District have high quality and greater profits margins, so they have strong competitive edges in the international market. The cooperation of New Energy Solutions INCwith the Ningxia governmentis a very good and successful first step towards the international market.
To Create A Flower Export Port with International Influence
"In addition to the existing international competitiveness, we hope that the Yinchuan Flower Export Company can become China's shining name card in terms of flowers in the international market, which requires us to continuously improve the quality of flowers." Ms. Kouhua Qian expresses in the outlook that in order to improve flower planting technologies, they have a strategic plan to work with the Ningxia government to build photovoltaic agricultural science and technology greenhouses. Using the PV agricultural science and technology, they will achieve smart planting of flowers, thus greatly improve the flower yield and quality. On top of that, they will also explore the PPP model with the Government to establish the flower export port.
"According to the development strategy of Ningxia, Xingqing District has always been putting two focused as the top priorities –“Best in the West” and “Better than the East” to improve its investmentenvironment, and has attracted more and more people from the business sector to invest here,”Mr. Shaofeng Zhu from the Ningxia Delegation said, the flowers going out of Xingqing is a positive exploration, which also provides a new solution for accurate poverty alleviation in Ningxia. Relying on the advantages of New Energy Solutions INCin photovoltaic agriculture and poverty alleviation, we firmly believe that theflower industry will have a prosperous future in the China-Arabic cooperation.
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