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Post-show report of Flower Expo China 2017

Author:By Guangdong Granduer International Exhibition Group Source:  Updated:2017-03-31 10:03:10 
By Guangdong Granduer International Exhibition Group   With the aim of accelerating the growth of China’s floriculture and horticultural industry, this March in Guangzhou, 2017 China International Floriculture & Hor
By Guangdong Granduer International Exhibition Group
With the aim of accelerating the growth of China’s floriculture and horticultural industry, this March in Guangzhou, 2017 China International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair (Flower Expo China 2017) was successfully held ,which organizing by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group and Holland HPP Exhibition.
An Impressive Turnout of Oversea Exhibitors
Flower Expo China 2017 received 192 enterprises, showcasing products and services like fresh cut flowers, potted flowers, florist suppliers, flower pots, garden tools, garden supplies, logistic services, landscape engineering, and etc. However, it is especially worth mentioning that with HPP Exhibition, a highly experienced international trade show company, as the show’s co-organizer, this year’s Flower Expo China saw an impressive turnout of oversea exhibitors, mainly from the world’s major fresh cut flower exporting countries and regions, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Holland and Ecuador, Japen, and so on. 
A high percentage of the exhibitors on site are key players of China’s or even the world’s flower industry, such as Royal FloraHolland, Magana Flowers Kenya Limited, Eternal Flower and EBF Cargo from Ecuador, Hansa Flowers from Ethiopia, Benlion Coir Industries from India, Jiuh Bao Biotechnology Inc from Taiwan, Keréme from Hongkong, Shanghai Worth Garden Products, MOE Garden, LvHang, etc. 
A Selected Crowd of Professional Visitors 
In order to let our exhibitors to find the most business opportunities within the limited exhibition time, we invited only professional visitors. Among the 7439 visitors, there were wholesaler, distributors, importer, planters, growers, flower shop owners, landscape engineers, garden bureaus, etc, like 24 huashi, CN Floral, EasyFlower, MengFlora, ReFlower, FlowerPlus,who mainly came to purchase or find a business partner, which guaranteed the effect of the show.
According to the feedback from our oversea exhibitors, a lot of them have successful find their way into Guangdong’s local or even China’s national flower market. For example, Eternal Flower, dedicated to the export of high quality fresh cut flowers, succeeded in establishing a long-term partnership with 3 big flower importers, securing its market share in China. Benlion Coir Industries, who was bent on opening South China’s coir market, received a dozen agents who were very interested in cooperation and invited the exhibitor to their office after the show. Other exhibitors like Hardy Export, Royal FloraHolland, Holex Flowers, etc, also found themselves some very prospective clients. 
2017 Guangzhou International Floriculture Industry Forum 
A successful trade show is not only about making business, but also about socializing with worldwide professionals in order to get your hands on the latest market information, and 2017 Guangzhou International Floriculture Industry Forum was exactly such an platform for our attendees. From the management of a floral business to the future of China’s floral market, our speakers spoke freely on the topic they chose. Our featured speakers included Mr. Martijn van Os from Royal Flora Holland, Mr. Bob van Vianen from Holex Flower B.V., Mr. Zelalem Messele, Chiraman of Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA), Chiraman Lin cin-sheng from Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association (TFEA), etc.
Florist Plus Conference
Centering on the integration of flower shops with other field of business, such as bakeries, coffee shops, book stores, potteries, etc, Florist Plus Conference was held to give national flower shop owners some pointers on how to run a flower shop successfully under this new market trend. 5 of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in the florist business in China generously shares their experience with an audience of over a hundred. Our speakers included Mr. Wang Cheng, Founder of Lumingfang, Mr. San Chuan, CEO of Chacha Moment, Mr. Li Wenjun, Founder of Echo Studio, etc.
Flower Arrangement Show
It was very honored for us this year to invite 9 world-class flower arrangers to give us a marvelous flower arranging performance during 13th and 14th. Their brilliant work greatly fascinated the audience and the flashing lights of the visitors’ cameras never stopped clicking during their performance. Our featured performers included Mrs. Jessica Keet, Head designer of Holland Flowerparade Of Noordwijk, Mr. Alton Chen from Taiwan Association for Chinese Floral Design, Mr.Chris Tam, Founder of Hongkong Chrisdelaw Floral Design, Mr. Kazuhiko Tanaka from World Flower Council (WFC), etc. More info, refer to:
Worldwide Associations and Media Contributed to the Success of the Show 
Mrs. Qian Zhou, the Chinese representative of Holex, observed that she was very surprised by the variety of the show’s attendees, because she noticed that there were not only insiders from Guangdong, even from the northern part of China. This successful gathering of international insiders should be attributed to the supports of our domestic and oversea media partners, including FloraCulture International,, Russia Flower magazine, Australian Flower Industry Magazine,, Flormarket-Global, Florist, Florists’Review,,,,, etc. 
However, special thanks should be given to the following associations who attended our show as an exhibitor and invited their member enterprises to visit our show: JAPAN FLOWERS AND PLANTS EXPORT ASSOCIATION, Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association (TFEA), Chinese development association of Oncidium production and marketing and Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA). Other associations who though didn’t make it to the show but was also of great help, and they were Kenya Flower Council, New Zealand Flower Growers Association, etc.
After reading such a long written report on the show, how about a video report to enjoy the show from a different angle!
The date and venue of the next edition has been set. If you are interest in it, please contact us or follow our website, twitter or facebook for more information!
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