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Chinese Listed Company Amor Flora Set a 25,000 Acres Floral Park

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Yunnan Province is recognized as the largest floriculture base in China while one of the industry parks, the Mile City Floricutlure Park spans over 250,000 acres has been standardized and managed to a new level either in seedling cultivat
Yunnan Province is recognized as the largest floriculture base in China while one of the industry parks, the Mile City Floricutlure Park spans over 250,000 acres has been standardized and managed to a new level either in seedling cultivation or technologies. With the concerted efforts of governments from Yunan province and Honghe district, China’s first floral listed company - Amor Flora has access to develop the floriculture park in partnership with more than 20 Netherlands companies to introduce in new technologies and market.
Considering the development of Floriculture Park, Amor Flora will be in charge of the marketing platform and operation while the planting stuffs will rely on the collaborations among floral companies, production base and growers. 
Through this creative collaboration, a great deal of improvements will be received:
1.More Premium Species to Cultivate: the premium Holland flower species will be introduced and developed;
2.More Efficient Planting to Improve: large scale soilless culture technology will be promoted by taking advantage of the top-notch growing techs of Netherlands;
3.More Direct Transaction to Make: the transaction from flower field to floral stores will be much simplified.
Amor Flora signed the floricutlure park contract with governments of Yunnan province and Honghe District.
Market Background
Florictulure or floral industry in the past more than 10 years, has grown at an average annual rate of 25% across the globe, far exceeding the average speed of world economic development. As the only sector that is free from the agriculture product allocation, floriculture ranks the second of the most promising industry in the 21st century. In accordance with the statistics, each person spends about $20 per year on potted flowers and fresh cut globally while the customers in developed countries have an average per capita consumption of over $100. What’s difference is that China’s floral industry still leaves a super potential growth rate and enormous consumption market as its per capita consumption is only $0.5.
Remarkably, the awareness for flower aesthetics and greening has drastically raised. And demand for flowers has also greatly increased. While Yunnan province as the largest floriculture base in China, contributes a lot to the progressive development of flower imports & exports.
Floral Market Outlook in Yunnan Province
Yunnan floral industry has seen steady and sound development and topped the list of fresh cut flower production for consecutive 23 years with 75% market shares nationwide. In 2016, flower e-commerce sales in Yunnan province totaled 5 billion yuan, with an increase of 150% over the previous year. Among which, 2.5 billion stems of fresh cut flower were sold, accounting for 24.9% of the total. The emerging and development of e-commerce foster the flower market and growing technology. The new species across Yunnan province amount to 560 with an year-on-year growth of 17.6%. And the planting area for new species scales at 5,000 acres, with 25% increase compared to last year. More importantly, more than 100 innovation technologies and patents have been listed, as well as 70 floriculture standards. Besides, Yunnan province also boasts the cutting-edge technology. More than 40,000 acres flower base is under control with automatic computing management system and ecological growing mode.
Seeing that floral market is such flourish and the planting technology is advanced, Amor Flora decisively sealed the deal with governments of Yunnan province and Honghe District to co-develop the florictulure park with more than 20 leading Netherlands companies.
Professional Expertise from Netherlands
It is universally acknowledged that Netherlands is credited as the hub of floral production and takes the lead in greenhouse planting technology. Through the collaboration with the Netherlands company, Amor Flora has the access to learn about the world’s most advanced planting skills. Amor Flora teams up with the local companies to build up an agricultural technical training college locally and manages to send 100 technicians for further industry expertise every year. Talents are always the mainstays for development. So for the technicians with expertise, they would commit to better improve the general standard of farmers gardening skills and upgrade the production quality and quantity of farms.
Business Mode to Take
When in the new generation to 4.0, floral industry, the sharing economy, big data, internet plus and finance are instrumental to its prosperity. For sharing economy, the floriculture parks could shares resources like technologies or expertise to cultivate new species; while the big data and supply chain finance foster the industry development. By the way of internet plus contracted planting, the transaction could be done on the spot. 
The partnership between Amor Flora and 20 Netherlands enterprises marks a new business mode that underlines the introduction, R & D, marketing of patented products of Netherlands. Additionally, the cooperation with more than 200 growers contributes to the professional gardening of flowers, and facilitates the marketing process.
Growers signed agreement with Amor Flora
The first phase of project to be finished soon
Planing and Development of Floriculture Park
The Amor Flora - Honghe Floriculture Park is projected to complete in four phases within three years. During the first phase of project, the greenhouse, research and development center, refrigeration space, cold chain, and planting base, processing plant and other supporting will be built.
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