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2018 China “Florist Plus” Conference Making a Strong Comeback, Coinciding With Aviv's “22 Ideas”

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2018-01-03 11:01:57 
By Flower Expo China Committee Exploring the feasible and profitable fusion of floriculture with other lines of business, China “Florist Plus” Conference (hereafter referred to as "the Conference")

By Flower Expo China Committee

Exploring the feasible and profitable fusion of floriculture with other lines of business, China “Florist Plus” Conference (hereafter referred to as "the Conference") marked the culmination of Flower Expo China 2017. And now, in response to insiders’ keen request for more valuable tips on maximizing florist shop revenue, Flower Expo China has decided to bring back the Conference for 2018!
And in the meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, Aviv, a world leading cut flower exporter from Israel, is also embarking on a campaign to further global cut flower sales, by propositioning 22 innovative ideas for flower usage. Understanding that their cause has a lot in common with that of the Conference, Aviv has chosen Flower Expo China 2018 as the next stop of their global campaign.
Aviv’s “22 Ideas” Campaign Arriving at Flower Expo China 2018
By challenging worldwide Importers, Wholesalers, Flower Shops and Flower Designers to implement the ideas from their recently launched book called “22 Ideas to Increase Global Consumption of Cut Flowers”, Aviv is trying to deliver the idea that to effectively encourage demand for cut flowers, the industry has “got to think out of the vase” and “expand the market as a whole” by combining flower consumption with young culture, as told by Aviv.
Right now, Aviv is throwing down the gauntlet to Asia-Pacific insiders through Flower Expo China 2018! For Anyone Who Wants to Enter the Competition, Please:
1.1 Choose one of the ideas from below to carry out, take a picture of it and submit it to the Flower Expo China Committee during Jan 1st-Feb 28th;
2.1 Aviv will sponsor the contest by shipping to all contestants the flowers they need to complete their works, free of charge;
3.1 Winners will be decided by Aviv according to the photos submitted and the result will be announced in their booth at Flower Expo China 2018;
4.1 Winners will receive free flowers from Aviv, no additional fee required.
Here are 5 of the Ideas Flower Expo China has taken from Aviv’s book, From Which You May Choose One as the Inspiration of Your Entry
Happy New Year Design Kit
In the run-up to the holidays, furniture shops sell a “design kit” to help people decorate their dining room in a festive style. Florists can work together with the furniture shops by selling matching flowers.
Pop-up flower shop
A pop-up flower shop, for example in a clothes or furniture shop, is an unexpected combination, which will make customers curious. The best time for this would be before Christmas or during a holiday period.
Dining Celebration
An idea to upscale the atmosphere when having a romantic evening or a celebration in a restaurant. When ordering a table, the restaurant offers as a service the decoration of the table with flowers in various styles to fit with the occasion. At the end of the meal, the guest may have the flower wrapped up to take home.
Unity Flower Day
Celebrate your company unity day and pin a flower to your jacket or shirt. 
2018 China “Florist+” Conference along side with Aviv’s “22 Ideas” Campaign, together, these two forward-looking international events are going to help spark numerous great new ideas for the industry! 
More information or registration, please refer to official website or contact with organizing committee directly.
China International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair 2018 (Flower Expo China 2018)
Date: March 21st-23rd, 2018
Venue: Guangzhou International Sourcing Center Complex
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